Foursquare Multiply Conversations- An Open Discussion on Race and Intercultural Ministry with Dr. Soong-Chan Rah

We were joined by Dr. Soong-Chan Rah, Author, Speaker, Former Planter, and Professor, as he had an open leadership discussion with us on race and intercultural ministry in this season. He shared from his own experience as a former church planter and now professor, offering practical steps for tackling the topic of [...]

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Foursquare Multiply Conversations-Leading Healthy in Uncertain Times: An Honest Conversation with a Planter & Pastor

With everything going on in this current season how do we lead ourselves and the people we pastor from a place of health? What does this look like for people that are planting or have recently planted? Drew Hyun shared with us how to be emotionally healthy and lead healthy in trying [...]

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Foursquare Multiply Conversations – Building Community & Discipleship in a Digital Church

We are in unprecedented times, with many leaders and churches trying to navigate what the digital world means for them in this new season. Forming flourishing community and healthy discipleship pathways is now more important than ever but what does this look like for a digital church? Justin & Janae Klatt, Lead [...]

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