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Frequently Asked Questions


Your first step in joining a cohort is to take the Initial Screening Assessment (ISA) and speak with a Catalyst.  You may have already spoken with a Catalyst who referred you to a member of our team.  If not please fill out the general Catalyst Connection tab on our website or email to get the process started!

We would love to connect with you and talk with you about church planting! Feel free to reach out to us at and we can connect you with a member of our team! You can also check out the Resource Tab on our website for articles and information about church planting topics as well. 

The assessment and consultation are one part of the process for joining a cohort. After completing the consultation, the application helps our team get to know you and gives us the information needed to enroll you in the online portion of our training. 

One of our Foursquare Multiply values is that we are interdenominational.  We love and welcome those from other denominations or non-denominational backgrounds and we will work with them and their district/denomination to determine their financial contribution.

Online Training

The online portion of all of our Foursquare Multiply cohorts take place on an online learning platform called Canvas.

After completion of the ISA consultation and Foursquare Multiply cohort application our team will enroll you in the online cohort.  You will receive an invitation to access the course the day the cohort begins as well as the official course syllabus and introduction to your course facilitator the week before the course begins.

You’ll receive a course invitation from Canvas on the cohort start date. The email will be from and can at times end up in your SPAM/Junk folder so please check there if you do not see it in your inbox.  If you still have not received the invitation please contact a member of our team to rectify the issue.

We ask that everyone login to the course at some point on the first day to familiarize themselves with the assignments and due dates.  Outside of that cohort participants are welcome to login as needed to work around their work, family, and/or ministry schedules.

Not at all! We realize that each couple has different responsibilities and schedule constraints. We wish to honor those and do not require both spouses to participate online, but welcome both spouses to participate if they wish to do so.  If both spouses are not participating online we simply ask that they discuss together what is being learned online. Please let our team know what works best for you and your spouse so that we can ensure a timely enrollment.

The online portion of the cohort runs for 10-11 weeks depending on if you join a cohort in February or November.  Actual class hours for login are up to the participants schedules, outside of logging in at some point on the first day.

We realize that each of you have lives outside of this cohort and have therefore kept the weekly course requirements smaller to serve that. The typical hourly involvement should look for most participants around 4-5 hours a week. 

Foursquare Multiply values the creation of life-long learners, as well as the building of relationships within the structure of the cohort.  We ask you to read several books and/or articles throughout the 10-11 week course, write a reflection paper (2 pages) for each based on a set of questions presented by your course facilitator, and participate in an online discussion with your cohort members to discuss the material. Participants also will be asked to complete a personal growth assessment (ex. Strength Finders) and a pre-training assignment prior to the in-person training.

All participants are responsible for purchasing their books (4-5 per course) and personal assessments as part of the online cohort unless otherwise noted in the syllabus and/or the Canvas online learning platform.

Participants are assigned a coach upon completion of the 201 benchmarks.

Participants are required to meet with their coach, either in person, face to face calling (ex. Facetime, Zoom, Skype etc.), or over the phone at least once a month.

In-Person Training 

The in-person trainings take place in a different location along the west coast with each cohort. That information is made available at the start of each cohort online.

The in-person trainings happen at the end of the online cohort and take place in November and April each year.  Specific dates are made available at the start of each online cohort. 

Unfortunately, due to the constraints and restrictions of each location we are not able to provide childcare nor are you are able to bring your children to the in-person training. We do allow for babies under the age of two that need to remain with their mother to attend as long as they are not disruptive to the training.  We encourage couples to talk about this at the start of the cohort as we ask both spouses to attend the in-person training and realize this may mean a bit of extra planning on the front end.

In order to keep the cost of training for participants as minimal as possible, Foursquare Multiply covers all in-person training costs, outside of travel expenses, as that is the responsibility of the planter. All other costs (food, lodging, etc.) during the training is covered by us. For those that are coming out of state we realize that there may be hardship in coming up with travel funds. If this is the case please contact us and we will work with you, your local church, and district office to get you to the retreat.  Those outside of our denomination are welcome, and we will work with them and their district/denomination to determine their financial contribution.

We ask that both spouses attend the in-person training.